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Tranceworks releases accelerated learning program to make learning Times Tables fast and easy.


The times tables underpin all other mathematical systems.  If you don’t know how to multiply, you can’t understand division.  If you don’t know division then fractions and decimals are difficult to understand.  

Research at various public and private schools show that fundamental maths is being overlooked at the primary level.  If students move onto high-school without knowing these fundamentals, they continue to struggle with maths for the rest of their lives.  This starts with de-motivation and then moves into other areas of learning.  

The need for a better system for learning came about when the creator discovered that his nine year old daughter was in Year 3 at a private school and did not know her times tables (along with most of the class). She was at that time in her third year of learning the tables and didn’t know beyond the 3x tables.  

Many factors are involved in a persons ability to learn and perform actions based on that learning.  A person learns through their senses, including sight, sound, kinaesthetic (touch/doing) and to a lesser degree smell and taste.  Most people have a primary communication preference they use on a day to day basis.  This might be in a learning situation or when communicating with others.

Other factors involved in learning ability include motivation, environment and self talk. 

Having studied trance states through hypnotherapy and NLP, the creator of this program had an understanding of how the mind processes information and learns.  It is a fact that at some level people are either learning or reinforcing what we have learnt daily.  

The Tranceworks Accelerated Learning System has been refined over the past five years.  After initial development the program was rigorously tested.   Over a number of years experimenting and testing, the final product  now combines existing accelerated learning principles with the latest audio and visual technology.  

A structured and graded activity book was designed to reinforce learning and embedding more diverse neural pathways to assist the learning process.   The success of the system lies in it’s simplicity, whole brain engagement approach to learning.

User feedback has been very positive.  The developer’s own daughter learnt the remaindeer of her tables in   5 x 15 minute sessions  Over the next few months she went from the bottom 25% to the top 25% and all of a sudden enjoyed her maths.  Now in highschool she just came second in the class for the yearly assessments.

The developer’s experience as a therapist  has shown that children who fall behind in their learning usually develop a belief that “I am dumb, I don’t know anything. I can’t learn anything. I am hopeless.”  These thoughts are repeated so often they turn into genuine beliefs, a self fulfilling prophecy.  The goal of the Tranceworks Accelerated Learning System is to change the way people learn.  Through positive learning experiences a young person builds self esteem and an adventurous curiosity to life.

The Tranceworks Accelerated Learning System applies elements of hypnosis, nlp, sound therapy and other accelerated learning techniques involving memory hooks.  

The only missing element in this learning process is motivation.  A tutor or parent can easily set up a reward system and achieve outstanding results with this program.  Learning the Times Tables thoroughly will give your child a great start to a life of learning.

The Times Tables Made Easy Accelerated Learning Program is available now for purchase via downloadable zip file.  Each table is about 2 minutes long and about 5mb.  The file type is quick time which plays on most movie player.  To purchase you need to be a registered user by logging in.  This also will give you the link to access your free Times Tables Activity Book to download.  All members to this site will have access to free ebooks or various topics related to how trance can improve the quality of your life, through audio recordings or accelerated learning programs