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Information about hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy and Havening

Hi there fellow seekers of a better life,

People often look at hypnosis, NLP and other modalities as a final choice or last option when seeking help for their problems.
Those that know the power of the mind have more resources and know to pick these options first. Of course any medical condition should be checked by the appropriate medical professional before deciding on a course of action.

This week I am including a video which was originally a facebook live by David Shephard and James Mallinson. These guys are well know in the UK and around the world.

In this clip they talk about the benefits of hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy and a technique called Havening. These are all tools I have used successfully with clients. These guys can better explain it than I can though.

If you are having some challenges in your life and want to learn more about ways of getting help, take a look it’s quite interesting.

Hint, look inside. That’s where hypnotherapy can help.

Click here for a copy of the full image.


The times tables underpin all other mathematical systems.  If you don’t know how to multiply, you can’t understand division.  If you don’t know division then fractions and decimals are difficult to understand.  

Research at various public and private schools show that fundamental maths is being overlooked at the primary level.  If students move onto high-school without knowing these fundamentals, they continue to struggle with maths for the rest of their lives.  This starts with de-motivation and then moves into other areas of learning. [continue reading…]

Welcome to Tranceworks. This site will serve you with information and products to help you improve your life in many areas. I will also be writing a blog from time to time describing my challenges related to fear and how I managed those situations with the help of trance states. Hypnosis products will be coming soon for purchase as digital downloads or CD.