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Energy Booster





Energy Booster was originally written for another hypnotherapist who had been seriously ill from dengue fever in Thailand.  After weeks in hospital, although allowed to leave, she still suffered from chronic fatique and memory lapses.  

This recording was instrumental in her return to full health.  

This recording is ideal for you if you are recovering from illness or surgery, have low energy levels or chronic fatigue or run down through stress from day to day living commitments.

After a pleasant induction and trance deepening, well crafted suggestions for metabolism and memory improvement.  The CD also has suggestions for self esteem and confidence.

For best results, please listen to daily for a period of 30 days and then a few times per week thereafter.  This will help embed the suggestions into your subconscious mind and help you to change your daily routines and habits. 

The CD has binaural audio technology built in.  This will assist you in achieving the deep trance state you desire.  For this technology to work, you will need to listen through headphones or earphones.  

This technology is safe and is used in very expensive audio meditation programs .

Warning:  Please note that this CD is not to be played in a vehicle or operating any type of machinery.  Additionally, it is import for you to see your medical practitioner before changing your exercise routine or diet.