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Healing and Stress Relief


Colour Healing Hypnosis CD





This product is a CD duplicated on professional media. Shipping is free world wide. If you would like the CD please indicate at checkout. Your download will be delivered automatically after payment.

DESCRIPTION: Colour Healing is a gentle relaxation and healing hypnosis recording designed to promote deep relaxation and relief from stress.  The removal of stress will allow the body to balance and heal itself.

The script is very generic and can be used not only for stress management but also recovering from a variety of illnesses promoting good health and feelings of wellbeing. 

This hypnosis recording is suitable for all ages and also useful for anyone that may suffer from general anxiety.

For best results, please listen to daily for a period of 30 days and then a few times per week thereafter.  This will help embed the suggestions into your subconscious mind and help you to change your daily routines and habits. 

This hypnosis recording has binaural audio technology built in.  This will assist you in achieving the deep trance state you desire.  For this technology to work, you will need to listen through headphones or earphones.  

This technology is safe and is used in very expensive audio meditation programs .

Warning:  Please note that this hypnosis recording is not to be played in a vehicle or operating any type of machinery.  Additionally, it is important for you to see your medical practitioner before changing your exercise routine or eating habits.