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Welcome to Tranceworks, my name is Campbell McCubben and I have created this site and related products to help you to understand hypnosis and how it can change and improve your life.

There is increased interest at the moment in the area of various states of consciousness and how those states can be used to improve a sense of well being and control of your world.

Those who have studied trance and hypnosis have known the power of altered states of consciousness for centuries. In fact all ancient cultures had the equivalent of a shaman who induced altered states through drumming, chanting and plants in order to bring health to the tribe.

We live in exciting times where electronic equipment and controlled studies are now measuring states of consciousness. You too can benefit through using the power of your mind to improve your sense of purpose and well being in the world you create.

This website will provide information on the latest findings in areas of consciousness and hypnosis recording products available for download or purchase of CDs.

While the Life Mastery Series of 7 Hypnosis Recordings covers many areas to improve your life, Tranceworks also offers a premium hypnosis recording service tailored to very specific needs and requirements. You can find out more here.

Additionally Tranceworks has an Accelerated Learning product to help learn the Times Tables fast and effectively.

If it personal consultation you are looking for, please note that I am an insured member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia and the International Medical and Dental Association. You can be assured of discreet, personal and professional attention.

Tranceworks wishes you wellness and good spirits. Let the journey into your mind begin and allow yourself to unleash dormant powers and abilities ready to serve you.